Northcote Town Hall Northcote Town Hall

Northcote Town Hall

A trek up the hill will answer any queries as to why they called it High Street. But once there, you’ll find the grand old Town Hall perched proudly amongst some of the hippest boutiques, cafes and music venues Melbourne has to offer.

Northcote Town Hall

  • Keep an eye out for exhibitions, plays and concerts at the Town Hall.
  • Explore to huge variety of food and live music venues on High St.
  • Cruise the High St vintage stores for the latest in yesterwear.

Take a ride up Ruckers Hill to Northcote Town Hall on bus route 508, running every 15-20 minutes on weekdays.

You can also catch route 567.

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Nigel Buchanan

Being on top of a hill, the Town Hall commands the area. We tried to give it the grandeur its position and opulence demands.