Aquapulse Aquapulse


Travel on the bus to the warm waters of Werribee. Whether you’re looking to work on your beach bod, teach the little ones how to tread water or scream your way down the slides, it’s a world of fun and fitness for all.


  • Take a ride on the many waterslides.
  • Try water aerobics and get fit without the heavy lifting.
  • Or do some heavy lifting in the gym.
  • Teach the kids how to swim in the kid’s pool.

Journey to the warm waters of Werribee’s Aquapulse on bus route 170, running every 20 minutes.

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Timba Smits

Combining my signature use of textures and soft, muted colours with inspiration from mid-century scientific illustrations of marine flora and fauna, I was able to create a finished artwork that is full of references to real underwater plants, coral, fish and sea turtles with wonderfully imagined scenery of a water slide, underwater!